25 maart 2020 @ 08:30 – 17:00
Marinebasis Den Helder
Rijkszee- en Marinehaven 1
1781 ZZ Den Helder
De Koninklijke Marine
Geannuleerd: Waterstof veiligheid, praktische opleidingsdagen @ Marinebasis Den Helder | Den Helder | Noord-Holland | Nederland

The Hydrogen Safety Practical Training Days are an initiative by the Innovation Department of the Royal Netherlands Navy under the auspices of the Admiral of the Royal Fleet. In 2018 the Dutch Armed Forces commissioned the Control and Simulation Research Group at Delft University of Technology with the task to enhance its Vertical Takeoff Launch (VTOL) DelftAcopter for enabling long distance/duration maritime operations under realistic naval and battle conditions. Initial test flights commenced in January 2019 whereby the DelftAcopter was deployed from a seaborne naval vessel. These experiments revealed the necessity for propulsion by hydrogen as an energy carrier in conjunction with fuel cell technology to meet the requirements set by the Dutch Armed Forces. Thereupon, Delft University of Technology developed the robust NederDrone 1 and NederDrone 2 as successors to the initial VTOL-DelftAcopter. The NederDrone 3, based on hydrogen propulsion, is currently being assembled and will be tested in the months to follow. Given the novelty of hydrogen and fuel cell technology within the Dutch Armed Forces, the Royal Netherlands Navy embarked on the establishment of a comprehensive research and educational programme in accordance with the HySafe Activity Matrix (see picture below). The safety aspects connected to working with hydrogen are addressed through the creation of a dedicated Knowledge Center for Explosion and Hydrogen Safety. Entirely commensurate with this endeavor, the Royal Netherlands Navy and Delft University of Technology delivered a course on 12 November 2019 titled Risk Awareness Hydrogen Safety




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